Marshal Guidelines


MGCCC Marshal Guidelines

If you are running a rally for MGCCC then below are the guidelines you need to follow as the marshal. Please also read the "Club Rules" and "Association Rules" pages to familarise yourself with these. If you have any questions or queries then please contact a Committee Member who will be happy to help. 

1. Contact the site owner the week before the rally to 

i. Confirm numbers attending

ii. Check arrival times & arrangements


2. Contact the committee to arrange the equipment you will need. 


3. Decide arrival time and let Facebook/ website admin know.


4. A free marshal place will be allocated by the visiting site or committee, contact the Club Secretary for further details.


5. When booking in units please check they are displaying a current BL car sticker, if in doubt ask for proof of membership i.e. current membership card/rally book.


6. Cheques cannot be accepted on the rally field, cash only. Should you have any payments prior to the rally, these must be given to the treasurer 30 days in advance of the rally (especially holiday rallies), after this you should accept cash only from members. 


7. Electric hook ups available are given to essential medical requirements and then in order of booking, not on first arriving.


8. Generators are allowed for medical reasons; otherwise they can only be used between the hours of 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm, if allowed by the landowner. They must be supervised by the unit’s occupant.


9. Pup tents are for the use of children under the age of eighteen. Pup tents must not be larger than 6’x8’ with minimum porch entrance. Any adult over the age of eighteen sleeping in their own tent are classed as a Unit. They must therefore be full members and pay the normal rally fee. 


10. All non-unit members (extra adults above the standard 2) staying in a caravan or awning must be charged £1 per person per night for weekend rallies and £2 per person per night for holiday rallies, unless instructed to charge more by the site.


11. Visitors can only attend socials if space permits after everyone on the rally is accommodated.


12. You cannot join people into the club onsite.


13. Dogs must be on a lead at all times and the lead should not be any longer than 10ft. Any dog mess should be cleaned up immediately.

14. Raffle prizes can be purchased, (must be receipted) upto a maximum of £10 for a full week rally, pro-rata for weekend rallies. Receipts should be submitted with the end of Rally Report. 


15. At the end of the rally please complete the Rally Report, detailing units attended, any monies; bonus ball and receipts should be handed to the Treasurer or other Committee member.


16. Please collect in any signs used and return equipment to the club. Please let us know if there are any problems or damage to the equipment.


17. Copy of club rules can be found on the website. BL rules are in the front of the rally book.  Please familiarise yourself with the rules and spacing instructions before the rally. Please note that tents and trailer tents must be pitched at the end of a row. If you have any problems please contact a member of the committee.


18. It is an Association Rule that any noise must stop by 11pm, irrespective of the venue’s licence.